Heritage Railways and Charities

We understand that many Heritage Railways, community projects and charities rely on donations and goodwill to achieve their goals and we operate a non-monetary bid process in order to support these projects where we can.

We tender out the assets we offer for sale to ensure we are testing against the market and obtaining the best value for Network Rail. We assess gifting requests based on the monetary value of the asset, the value of return on the gift and any costs avoided by having the applicant collect the asset rather than Network Rail paying to recover it. This is set out in our non-monetary request form available upon request via redundantassets@networkrail.co.uk

Under the terms of Managing Public Money, anything that Network Rail disposes of at less than market value is considered a gift and we must be able to support that gift with evidence that it represents the best value for Network Rail because we are funded by the tax payer.

You can place a non-monetary bid for items that are on the tender list, if for example you are able to provide local advertisements in relation to the donation this could equate to the value of the £150 and this would be considered as bid offer.

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