Ideas for use

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to use recycled wood and reclaimed concrete panels in your personal and professional building projects then look no further.


Whether you want to use hardwood rail sleepers to landscape your garden or you’re a farmer who needs new cattle tracks, we have the materials that you need.

If you need a bit of inspiration then have a look for some ideas of how to utilise our products:

Concrete sleepers

  • Building projects, including retaining walls

  • Solar panel bases

  • Haulage projects/Tracks for Cars

  • Farming cattle tracks

Concrete Sleeper

Wooden sleepers

  • Garden decoration, including raised beds for flowers and vegetables through to steps and garden furniture

  • Home improvement and DIY projects, from new buildings, furniture, ponds and play areas

  • Landscape gardening

  • Haulage

  • Building project ‘feature’ design

  • Equestrian kick-boards

Hardwood sleepers

Scrap Metal

Most scrap metal remains in the scrap industry, returning to furnaces for recycling. However we have seen it used for many other inventive uses including musical instruments, sculptures and guides for boats entering the water.

Recycled conductor rail

Non Infrastructure Materials Redundant Assets

Aside from the bits that make up the track that trains run on, there are hundreds of other assets that come to the end of their useful railway life that we offer for sale. These are often of use to Heritage Railways and can be desirable to collectors, artists and small businesses.

Examples range from whole signal boxes and the associated equipment to cable drums used for picnic tables and geotextiles for pond lining. 

Railway Recycling Signal Box

Keep a look out on our home page for some of our more interesting items or sign up to the Redundant Assets tender list for the opportunity to bid on these items

Ideas for use

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