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Our recycled railway sleepers are recovered from Network Rail infrastructure to our Network Rail depots around the UK and processed for re-use or recycling. Whether you are looking for garden sleepers for a landscaping project or you want to use reclaimed wood in agricultural building work, we have the materials available to purchase now.

Softwood Sleepers

Our reclaimed softwood railway sleepers are great for industrial purposes such as in track on Heritage Railways or private sidings. 

Used Softwood sleepers contain creosote to improve resistance to insect infestation and rot.  The use of this preservative is regulated by the Creosote (prohibition on Use and Marketing) (No. 2) Regulations 2003.

Read the Legislation on using Creosote in the UK

Creosote Legislation

Hardwood Sleepers

Recycled hardwood railway sleepers are durable and have a many uses:

  • Raised beds

  • Wall retention

  • Solar panel bases

  • Structural support and garden decoration 

Hardwood sleepers are untreated, which makes them ideal for landscaping.  We do not sort hardwood sleepers by species so your order could include any of the following:

  • EKKI

Concrete Sleepers

Concrete sleepers are the most common type used in Britain’s railways. One of the biggest markets for recycled concrete rail sleepers is within farming and agriculture.

Although heavier than wooden sleepers, concrete sleepers have many advantages.

  • Concrete sleepers do not rot and have a longer lifespan

  • Increased weight makes cattle tracks and paths more stable

  • Increased fire resistance

  • Low ongoing costs

Recycled concrete railway sleepers

Steel Sleepers

Lighter than concrete, steel railway sleepers are a popular choice for a variety of different uses. From building and art projects to their inherent scrap value, our steel sleepers are a great choice.

Our reclaimed steel rail sleepers were originally used on lower speed lines, mainly where the ballast doesn’t need to be disturbed.

  • Easy handling due to lightweight design

  • Recycled steel rail sleepers are environmentally friendly

  • Maintains inherent value

Recycled Crossing Timbers & Bridge Timbers

Our large lengths of timber, previously used to make up switch and crossing layouts or on bridges and removed due to renewals, can be used for multiple purposes, including building projects.

Due to the fact creosote may have been used to preserve and protect the wood against pest insects and rot, our timber is regulated by the Creosote (prohibition on Use and Marketing) (No. 2) Regulations 2003. 

Read the Legislation on using Creosote in the UK

Creosote Legislation

Recycled Railway Panels

A panel is a single piece of railway track where the rail has been left attached to the sleepers. Sleepers are normally spaced at 650-760mm intervals depending on the specific location. These could be wood (Hardwood/Softwood) or concrete.

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